People on the move and the use of EMIS in the planning and management of inclusive education policies: lessons learned and recommendations

Klenner Forttes, Paula; Lobos, Jessica; Pinna, Francesca; Yáñez, Ernesto
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Foro Regional de Políticas Educativas, 5

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About the publication

In recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean countries have been exposed to multiple crises simultaneously. These were the result of natural hazards, human mobility, and health, economic and socio-political emergencies, which affected national education systems in a cumulative way (UNICEF, 2020, 2021). This highlighted the difficulties in generating and managing data through education management information systems (EMIS) for the development of educational responses to these crises, especially in contexts of human mobility. This document, part of the presentation carried out in the Regional Forum on Education Policy in 2021, aims to explore how EMIS in the region can play a key role both in building resilience in emergency and/or crisis contexts and in generating evidence to inform the development of policies and initiatives that respond to the needs of people on the move. To this end, the findings and recommendations emerging as a result of different efforts undertaken by UNESCO at both the global and regional levels will be shared.