Planning education for reducing inequalities: an IIEP seminar

English, French
142 p.

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About the publication

Based on the realization that the rapid worldwide growth of educational systems over the last two decades has not produced the expected eradication of social inequality, an international seminar was held for educational policy-makers, planners from developing countries, researchers and representatives of aid agencies from 33 countries. Three main topics were examined: the diagnosis of inequalities in education and possible future objectives in this area, strategies for the reduction of inequalities, and education and inequalities in the labour market. The perspective of the developing countries is emphasized throughout. Presented in this publication are five selected papers from the seminar and a final report containing a thematic content analysis and synthesis of all the papers delivered. Themes of the seminar papers that were identified and discussed in the final report include equality and educational equality as general and conceptual issues, the global social implications of education or educational growth, the impact of social or structural inequalities on schooling, educational mechanisms perpetuating or reinforcing inequalities, and impact of schooling on social inequalities.