Planning for successful alternative schooling: a possible route to Education for All

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44 p.
Primary education

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About the publication

With Education for All and Universal Primary Education gaining heightened attention at the start of the new millennium, there has been a surge in programmes that aim to increase enrolments, retention and, most importantly, learning. This booklet attempts to understand how and why more than 200 radically alternative primary education programmes from around the world . some still small and others quite large in scale . manage to succeed in achieving these goals among many of the most marginalized children in the world. These are the .hardest to reach and hardest to teach. children in the world, yet they, and their teachers, manage to learn very well. Lessons for planners and policy makers regarding how they do this are the focus of this booklet. These lessons must be adapted to each cultural reality, the most important lesson is simply that it can be done, that by learning from these successes there is at least a chance to reach Education for All.