Problems of educational administration in remote rural areas: report of an expert meeting

Lyons, Raymond F.; Collins, Joyce E.
197 p., maps

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About the publication

The meeting reported in this document was held to focus attention on some of the problems that governments in developing countries encounter when they try, in introducing educational reforms, to make sure that what they choose meets the needs of people in disadvantaged and remote areas. Participants included 12 experts from 10 Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) as well as staff of the IIEP and the Bangkok (Thailand) UNESCO office. The report contains a summary of statements and reports made by two working groups concerning the problems of educational administration in remote areas of their countries. The first group concentrated on questions of supply, while the second examined improvement in administration in relation to educational reform. The report contains four sections concerning, respectively, the developmental and educational setting in which educational administration functions, what educational administration is supposed to do, what educational administration does, and future research needs. Six papers appended to the report are representative of the discussion of the main issues facing the Asian countries on the administration of education in remote rural areas (from ERIC database)