Regional disparities in educational development: a controversial issue

Carron, Gabriel; Ta Ngoc Châu
English, French
257 p., illus., maps

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About the publication

These four papers and an introduction discuss the problem of regional disparities in educational development from several different perspectives. Varying points of view are presented on the relationship between regional educational disparities and socioeconomic, political, and cultural development, the pertinence of regional frameworks to analyses of educational disparities, and the problems associated with policies to reduce regional disparities. The introduction by the editors summarizes the papers' arguments about ways to reduce disparities. Philip Foster draws on data from Africa to examine regional inequalities in educational and economic development and to argue for the free play of supply and demand in reducing disparities. Using European countries as examples, Pierre Furter questions whether regional equalization can be reconciled with inter-regional cultural diversity. The paper by Stephen P. Heyneman reviews the problems involved in planning the reduction of regional disparities. The final paper, by Zsuzsa Ferge, Eva Havasi, and Julia Szalai, describes Hungary's use of state planning to reduce regional educational disparities. (from ERIC data base).