Responding to HIV and AIDS: the case of a Zambian teacher training institution

Ramos, Lucinda
Research papers IIEP
63 p.

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About the publication

HIV and AIDS constitute a very serious problem in societies with a high HIV and AIDS prevalence, and require urgent and immediate attention on all levels. Education, despite being an area hard hit by the epidemic, is also an area which can help alleviate the problem by educating people in the gravity of the illness, how it can be avoided, and how it can be treated. This research sought to examine the extent to which a teacher training institution in a high prevalence province of Zambia was able to address the problem of HIV and AIDS, by identifying fi rst their impact on staff and students in the college, and secondly the existence of policies, structures, teaching programmes and strategies for addressing HIV and AIDS. It describes the barriers to effective teaching on HIV and AIDS and the causes for weaknesses in the overall response. The study concludes that the teacher training college is being only partially responsive to the future needs of teachers and needs much more support from the ministry of education and other partners.