In-school and on-the-job technical education and training

Sanyal, Bikas C.
Xavier Labour Relations Institute (India)
IIEP Research Report, 54
105 p.

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To obtain a comprehensive view of the problems studied, data were collected through questionnaires administered among employees in manufacturing jobs (both with and without in-school technical education), educationists in engineering colleges, and executives responsible for recruitment of technical personnel. Most employees found their in-school education as significantly relevant to their perceived needs for: theoretical knowledge, certain skills and innovativeness. They regarded it as being helpful for their job-performance. Employees and educationists (excluding the executives) pointed out significant deficiencies concerning in-school education. Employees generally benefited from on-the-job training but those without in-school technical education debefited relatively more from it in acquisition of job-related knowledge/skills, and also in their job-performance. In company training programmes were found to be the most useful. External programmes were rated higher than probationary programmes. Various recommendations were suggested to make in-school and on-the-job technical education more relevant to industrial careers
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