In search of the triple helix: academia-industry-government interaction in China, Poland, and the Republic of Korea

Martin, Michaela
New trends in higher education
268 p.

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Within the context of knowledge economies, academia-industry partnerships have moved high on the policy agenda of many countries. There is now a clear perception that governments have a strong role to play in the development and support of national innovation systems, of which academia-industry partnerships are a crucial element. Governments can create a friendly environment for interaction and innovation, but the potential for fruitful interaction also largely depends on the individual capabilities of each innovation actor. This IIEP publication explores the roles and modes of government intervention in the enhancement of academia-industry partnerships in three countries - China, Poland, and the Republic of Korea. These countries form contrasting cases along the state-market continuum. They also represent an interesting variety of roles played by governments in the regulation of R&D policies and academia-industry linkages. The book identifies three major approaches used by these countries for the support of academia-industry partnerships - orchestration, planning and substitution.
Wednesday 15 February 2023
Wednesday 26 April 2023