State of early childhood development in West and Central Africa in 2010-11: analysis based on MICS4 surveys

English, French
United Nations Children's Fund
94 p.
978-92-803-1381-9; 978-92-803-1381-9
Early childhood education

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About the publication

The early childhood years, in particular the period from birth to the age of eight years, are today recognized as a crucial period for early childhood development, both in terms of children's physical health and in terms of their motor, socio-emotional, cognitive and language development. This study aims to better understand the family and environment context in which the young children of West and Central Africa grow up and the way in which this affects their development and their access to primary school. On the basis of the findings, the study aims to provide the sector's players with a basis for reflection, be it in the countries covered by the study or other countries in the region, to identify options for the development or reorientation of ECD programmes (preschool and parental education).