Teacher absences in an HIV and AIDS context: evidence from nine schools in Kavango and Caprivi (Namibia)

Duthilleul, Yael; Caillods, Françoise
Nambia. Ministry of Education
Research papers IIEP
76 p.

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About the publication

With the high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Namibia, teacher absenteeism is becoming a pressing issue for the country.s education system, particularly in the areas most affected by the epidemic. This study examines how some schools in the hardest hit areas are managing this problem. Due to the complexity of the issue, the research was conducted using qualitative methodology, requiring in-depth observations and interviews. The quality and validity of the data collected were optimized through measures such as triangulation of informants and techniques. IIEP and the Ministry of Education of Namibia chose to cover only a limited number of schools in selected regions. The results obtained can therefore not be generalized to the whole of Namibia. However they do provide useful suggestions for countries where teacher absenteeism may worsen due to increased prevalence of HIV and AIDS, thus causing severe teacher shortages and difficulties in achieving the EFA goals.