Teacher career reforms in Peru

Choque, Margarita Mendoza
Management of teachers. Country notes

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About the publication

The Peruvian Government passed the Ley de Reforma Magisterial (LRM, Teacher Reform Law) in 2012, striving to simplify a complex teacher career structure that consisted of varying and unequal frameworks. The new system bases teacher selection and promotion on a series of standardized evaluations and assessments, while establishing opportunities for teachers to move horizontally and vertically through the system via a career ladder. This ambitious reform seeks to select and retain the best talent while tying promotion and salary raises to professional performance. An innovative, large-scale communication strategy was a key feature of the reform process. This country note was conducted within the framework of an international research project on teacher careers implemented by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). It explores the LRM in Peru by fully examining its structure and analysing improvements made to previous teacher career systems. This publication further investigates the sheer scope of the reform and the significant delays in implementation resulting from administrative and financial hurdles.