Teacher development: how will we support and train teachers?

Bethke, Lynne; Sinclair, Margaret
Arabic, English, French
UNESCO International Bureau of Education
Education Above All (Qatar)
Safety, resilience, and social cohesion: a guide for curriculum developers. Booklet, 7
32 p.
978-92-803-1400-7978-92-803-1393-2 (8 volume set, eng)978-92-803-1393-2 (8 volume set, eng)

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About the publication

Teachers are the key to successful learning and have a special role in education for learning to live together (LTLT) and disaster risk reduction (DRR). If the teacher does not convey respect for members of all ethnic groups, for example, lessons on respect for diversity and social cohesion will have limited impact. Similarly, if the teacher is not sufficiently knowledgeable about DRR, then lessons on disaster preparedness and risk reduction will not be fully integrated into students' lives. This booklet considers how to support teachers through written and audio-visual means that can be made widely available and looks at issues related to appropriate and feasible teacher training and follow-on support.