Training of local level administrative personnel in national literacy programmes: methodological report of a training workshop

Bordia, Anil; Carron, Gabriel
72 p.

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About the publication

Intended as a guide for other field operational training programs, this paper reports the organization and conduct of a workshop held in Nazareth (Ethiopia) November 20-30, 1981, for 35 local-level administrators of literacy programs in five African nations (Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe). According to the authors, the organizers of the workshop found that most training programs for local administrators did not provide participants with field experiences, adequate discussion, or a sense of the importance of local administration. Consequently, the organizers arranged a format emphasizing the participants' work experiences and observation of literacy programs in the field. Following sections on the background information on literacy programs and the training of local-level administrators in African programs, the stages of the workshop are explained in detail, including: (1) the organization process, (2) the preliminary discussion of educational issues in the participating countries and of individual adminsitrative roles and problems (case studies), (3) the format of the 1-3 day study visits to literacy projects in Ethiopia, (4) the reviews of case studies in the light of the field experience and discussion, and (5) the workshop evaluation methods, both informal and formal. A summary of general principles follows each section. The appendixes provide a copy of the announcement of the workshop, the items covered in the participants' case studies, a list of the participants, the workshop schedule, and a summary of the formal evaluations (from ERIC database)