Understanding education's role in fragility: synthesis of four situational analyses of education and fragility: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Liberia

Davies, Lynn
Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
University of Ulster (UK)
Education in emergencies and reconstruction
65 p.

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About the publication

This report is a synthesis of the four Situational Analyses of Education and Fragility commissioned by the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility with the aim of providing key data to shed light on the relationship between education and fragility in a variety of contexts. Four countries . Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, and Liberia . were selected to encompass a range of different types and stages of fragility, with diverse historical antecedents to such fragility and within different geographical areas. At the core of the synthesis is an analytic framework that uses three types of comparative lens. The first lens takes specific domains of fragility (governance, security, economy, social domain, and environment) as its starting point and examines how education might impact on these, negatively and positively, the second goes beyond the negative and positive impacts of education on fragility to reveal a varied and nuanced spectrum of impact, and the third outlines six areas of difficult policy and programming choices which appear to be common. This synthesis report aims to bring together the findings of the case studies and, through comparisons guided by various analytic frameworks, generate insights and recommendations for policy and programming, as well as identify possible areas for further research.