Use of learning assessment data in education policy-making

Raudonyte, Ieva
IIEP-UNESCO working papers, April 2019
35 pages

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About the publication

This Working Paper explores the extent to which learning assessment data influence education policymaking according to the available literature. It presents the key conclusions arising from this literature as well as problematic issues which are still open for discussion. It is based on a broader literature review conducted by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) for its research project on the use of learning assessment data. In the literature available, there are multiple examples of learning data informing and influencing education policy-making. These examples demonstrate that certain policy cycle phases tend to be more frequently influenced than others. Learning data inform agenda-setting, policy implementation, and policy monitoring and evaluation, whereas they are less frequently used in policy formulation. In other words, there are fewer existing examples that illustrate the use of learning data in formulating specific policies, although the reasons for this are less well examined.