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  1. The Limits to diversification of sources of funding in higher education

    Varghese, N.V.
  2. Transformation and institutional quality management within a South African university: a case study of the University of the Orange Free State

    Holtzhausen, Somarié; Strydom, Andries H.
  3. Managing university-industry relations: a study of institutional practices from 12 different countries

    Martin, Michaela
  4. The Management of university-industry relations: five institutional case studies from Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific region

    Kaynak, Okyay; Lugujjo, Eriabu; Martin, Michaela; Plonski, Guilherme Ary; Pumwa, J.; Satter, M.A.; Tibarimbasa, Avitus M.; Vigdor, Moshe
  5. Improving the effectiveness of higher education institutions through inter-university cooperation: the case of Peking University

    Min Weifang
  6. Science education provision in secondary schools in Brunei Darussalam

  7. Strategic planning, information systems and organizational development: a case study of the University of Botswana

    Neill, Richard; Mokoena, Thabo
  8. Strategic financial management in Southern African universities: report of an IIEP distance education course, 4 May - 31 July 1998

    Martin, Michaela; D'Antoni, Susan; Hall, John; Sanyal, Bikas C.
  9. Diversification of sources and the role of privatization in financing higher education in the Arab States region

    Sanyal, Bikas C.
  10. New strategies for financial management in universities: the experience of the OECD member countries and Latin American countries

    Sanyal, Bikas C.; Martin, Michaela
  11. Strategies for higher education in Asia and the Pacific in the post-Cold War era

    Sanyal, Bikas C.
  12. Creating space for women: gender-linked factors in managing staff in higher education institutions

    Smulders, Anna E.M.