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  1. Accreditation and the global higher education market

    Hernes, Gudmund; Martin, Michaela; El-Khawas, Elaine; Hallak, Jacques; Hendriks, Birger; Hugonnier, Bernard; Lemaître, Maria José; Levasseur, Michel; Levy, Jan S.; Poisson, Muriel; Prakash, Ved; Stella, Antony; Tayag, Jean; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka; Vincent-Lancrin, Stéphan
  2. Cartographie des risques de corruption dans le secteur de l’éducation en Guinée

    Poisson, Muriel
  3. Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: what can be done?

    Hallak, Jacques; Poisson, Muriel
  4. Corruption and education

    Poisson, Muriel
  5. Corruption risk assessment of the Georgian preschool and technical and vocational education sectors

    Poisson, Muriel
  6. Corruption-risk assessment of the Georgian higher education sector

    Poisson, Muriel; Hallak, Jacques
  7. Developing open school data policies: basic principles

    Poisson, Muriel
  8. Ethics and corruption in education: results from the experts workshop held at the IIEP - Paris, 28-29 November 2001

    Hallak, Jacques; Poisson, Muriel
  9. From open policy-making to crowd-sourcing: illustrative forms of open government in education

    Poisson, Muriel
  10. Governance in education: transparency and accountability

    Hallak, Jacques; Poisson, Muriel
  11. Information and transparency: school report cards in sub-Saharan Africa

    Dupain, Jonathan; Poisson, Muriel; Thu Phuong Nguyen, Lena
  12. Open budgeting: an illustrative form of open government in education

    Poisson, Muriel
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