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  1. Teacher management in refugee settings: UNRWA schools in Jordan

    Bengtsson, Stephanie; Fitzpatrick, Rachael; Thibault, Claire; West, Helen
  2. Education en situation d’urgence: engagement et leadership du MENAPLN au Burkina Faso: étude de cas

    Ndabananiye, Jean Claude; Ndiaye, Alioune Badara; Tran Thanh, Julia; Tréguier, Mathilde
  3. The Jordan Ministry of Education’s response to the Syria refugee crisis: case study

    Arnot, Tyler; Seeger, Anna
  4. Crisis-sensitive educational planning for refugees and host communities: lessons from Ethiopia: case study

    Ndabananiye, Jean Claude; Paradies, Maria; Séguin, Thalia
  5. Ensuring the effective management of primary-level teachers in refugee settings in Ethiopia

  6. Teacher management in refugee settings: Ethiopia

    Bengtsson, Stephanie; Fitzpatrick, Rachael; Hinz, Katja; MacEwen, Leonora; Naylor, Ruth; Riggall, Anna; West, Helen
  7. Burkina Faso: integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction into an education sector plan

    MacEwen, Leonora
  8. Nepal: lessons from integrating peace, human rights, and civic education into social studies curricula and textbooks

  9. Palestine: lessons from UNESCO's crisis-disaster risk reduction programme in Gaza

    Kelcey, Jo
  10. Assessment, and monitoring and evaluation: how will we know what students have learned?

    Bethke, Lynne; Sinclair, Margaret
  11. Analysis: where are we now?

    Bethke, Lynne; Bird, Lyndsay; MacEwen, Leonora; Sigsgaard, Morten
  12. Policy: where do we want to go?

    Bethke, Lynne; Bird, Lyndsay; MacEwen, Leonora; Sigsgaard, Morten