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  1. Educational planning as a social process

    Malan, Thierry
  2. Educational planning for the year 2000

    Caillods, Françoise
  3. Educational planning in Asia

  4. Educational planning in practice

    Caillods, Françoise; Díaz Díaz, Hugo; Yoloye, E. Ayotunde; Prakash, Brahm; Hashim, Datuk Omar Mohamad; Zhou, Beilong; Malan, Thierry; Soumelis, Constantin G.
  5. Educational planning in the context of current development problems

  6. Educational planning in the USSR

    Nozhko, K.G.; Monoszon, E.; Zhamin, V.
  7. Educational planning: a bibliography

  8. Educational planning: a directory of training and research institutions

  9. Educational planning: an inventory of major research needs

  10. Educational planning: reflecting on the past and its prospects for the future

    Hallak, Jacques
  11. Educational planning: the adviser's role

    Curle, Adam
  12. Educational planning: towards a qualitative perspective

    Adams, Raymond S.; Postlethwaite, T. Neville; Harlen, Wynne; Levin, Henry m.; Weiler, Hans N.; Hallak, Jacques