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  1. The Education of nomadic peoples in East Africa: synthesis report

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.; Sedel, Charlotte
  2. The Future of education and the education of the future: final report and documents of an IIEP seminar

    Avakov, R.M.
  3. The HIV challenge to education: a collection of essays

    Coombe, Carol; Cohen, Desmond; Ebersöhn, Liesel; Eloff, Irma; Epstein, Debbie; Hepburn, Amy; Hernes, Gudmund; Kelly, Michael J.; Khanye, Vivian; Lawrence, John E.S.; Morrel, Robert; Moletsane, Relebohile; Rugalema, Gabriel; Unterhalter, Elaine
  4. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on education and institutionalizing preventive education

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.; Katabaro, Kamugisha Joviter; Oulai, Dramane
  5. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on education: report of an IIEP seminar

    Oulai, Dramane; Carr-Hill, Roy A.
  6. The out-of-school children's programme in Nepal: an analysis

    Tuladhar, Sumon Kamal
  7. The Role of women in Tanzania: their access to higher education and participation in the labour force

    Desta, Asayehgn
  8. The School restructuring movement in the USA: an analysis of major issues and policy implications

  9. The Social aspects of education in the industrialised countries

    Poignant, Raymond
  10. The Social background of pupils and inequality in educational opportunity

    Carron, Gabriel
  11. The Tanzania literacy programme: a view from below; report of an IIEP research review workshop held at Morogoro, Tanzania, 10-12 October 1990

  12. The Use of modern media for rural education in developing countries: the organisational problems

    Gutelman, Michel
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