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  1. Competencias para la profesionalización de la gestión educativa: diez módulos destinados a los responsables de los procesos de transformación educativa

  2. Competency-based approach to technical and vocational education and training in Africa: study based on seven African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa: synthesis report

  3. Competitive selection of school principals: case study of an innovation in Brazil

  4. Competências transversais para apoiar o fortalecimento institucional: materiais de apoio à formação em competências de inspetores da educação em Angola

    Souto Simao, Marcelo
  5. Compilation of the main indicators for analysis of the relationship between education/training and employment

  6. Compiling statistics on educational expenditure and finance

  7. Comunidades de prática e tutoria de fóruns virtuais: materiais de apoio à formação

    Souto Simao, Marcelo
  8. Conception des programmes et projets d'éducation de base: rapport d'un cours intensif sous-régional, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 11-27 novembre 1991

    Mählck, Lars; Magnen, André
  9. Conflict-sensitive and risk-informed planning in education: lessons learned

  10. Confronting the shadow education system: what government policies for what private tutoring?

    Bray, Mark
  11. Constructing an indicator system or scorecard for higher education: a practical guide

    Martin, Michaela; Sauvageot, Claude
  12. Contrato-programa: Instrumento para la mejora de la capacidad institucional y la calidad de las universidades