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  1. Assessment of training needs in educational planning and management (with special reference to Central Asia)

    Kitaev, Igor
  2. Decentralization and planning of education: recent experiences in five Latin American countries

    Malpica Faustor, Carlos N.
  3. Design of basic education programmes and projects: report

    Magnen, André; Mählck, Lars
  4. Follow-up and tracer studies: a series of training modules and related exercises for educational planners and administrators

    Lamoure, Jean
  5. Managing vocational education and training in Central and Eastern European countries: report of a programme on the training of researchers in the management of vocational education and training

    Caillods, Françoise; Atchoarena, David; Bertrand, Olivier
  6. Planning the development of school textbooks: a series of twelve training modules for educational planners and administrators

    Brunswic, Etienne; Valérien, Jean
  7. The Use of computerized information systems to increase efficiency in university management

    Sanyal, Bikas C.
  8. Les Pouvoirs publics et l'éducation

    Hallak, Jacques
  9. Utilizing education and human resource sector analyses

  10. National examinations: design, procedures and reporting

    Keeves, John P.
  11. Implementing basic education in China: progress and prospects in rich, poor and national minority areas

  12. Partnerships and participation in basic education: a series of training modules and case study abstracts for educational planners and managers; v.1: Training modules; v.2: Case study abstracts

    Shaeffer, Sheldon F.