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  1. Educational research in the South: an initial review

  2. Institutional management in higher education: a training course for planners and managers of higher education institutions

    Sanyal, Bikas C.; Martin, Michaela; D'Antoni, Susan
  3. Développement d'indicateurs pour la planification de l'éducation en Afrique francophone de l'Ouest

  4. L'Identification et la préparation des projets d'éducation à Madagascar: rapport du cours national

    Magnen, André; Martin, Michaela
  5. Education policy-planning process: an applied framework

    Demsky, Terri
  6. Assessment of training needs in educational planning and management (with special reference to Central Asia)

    Kitaev, Igor
  7. Decentralization and planning of education: recent experiences in five Latin American countries

    Malpica Faustor, Carlos N.
  8. Design of basic education programmes and projects: report

    Magnen, André; Mählck, Lars
  9. Follow-up and tracer studies: a series of training modules and related exercises for educational planners and administrators

    Lamoure, Jean
  10. Managing vocational education and training in Central and Eastern European countries: report of a programme on the training of researchers in the management of vocational education and training

    Caillods, Françoise; Atchoarena, David; Bertrand, Olivier
  11. Planning the development of school textbooks: a series of twelve training modules for educational planners and administrators

    Brunswic, Etienne; Valérien, Jean
  12. The Use of computerized information systems to increase efficiency in university management

    Sanyal, Bikas C.