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  1. Strengthening pathways for learners’ transition to the labour market

    Furiv, Uliana; Martin, Michaela
  2. Système d'aide aux étudiants au Japon

    Kawashima, Yoko
  3. Systèmes économique et éducatif en Afghanistan: un dossier

    Vinokur, Annie; Attali, Jacques; Hallak, Jacques; Bourgeois, Edwin
  4. Tendencias sobre contenidos educativos digitales en América

  5. The Challenges of free primary education in Ethiopia

    Oumer, Jeilu
  6. The Diversification of the educational field in Hungary

    Inkei, Péter; Koncz, Gábor; Pocze, Gábor
  7. The Education of nomadic peoples in East Africa: review of relevant literature

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.
  8. The Education of nomadic peoples in East Africa: synthesis report

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.; Sedel, Charlotte
  9. The Future of education and the education of the future: final report and documents of an IIEP seminar

    Avakov, R.M.
  10. The HIV challenge to education: a collection of essays

    Coombe, Carol; Cohen, Desmond; Ebersöhn, Liesel; Eloff, Irma; Epstein, Debbie; Hepburn, Amy; Hernes, Gudmund; Kelly, Michael J.; Khanye, Vivian; Lawrence, John E.S.; Morrel, Robert; Moletsane, Relebohile; Rugalema, Gabriel; Unterhalter, Elaine
  11. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on education and institutionalizing preventive education

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.; Katabaro, Kamugisha Joviter; Oulai, Dramane
  12. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on education: report of an IIEP seminar

    Oulai, Dramane; Carr-Hill, Roy A.