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  1. Prendre en compte le genre dans les stratégies et pratiques du ministère de l’Éducation au Burkina Faso

  2. Policies to promote hybrid education

    Labate, Hugo; Opertti, Renato
  3. Breaking the barrier: girls in science education

    Harding, Jan
  4. Increasing girls' and women's participation in basic education

    Stromquist, Nelly P.
  5. L'Impact des politiques de scolarisation des filles: Mauritanie, Tunisie, Inde, Bangladesh et Sénégal

    Cussó, Roser
  6. Scolarisation des filles: la réussite de Sinendé au Bénin

    Akpaka, Odile; Gnimadi, Aimé
  7. Non-formal vocational training programmes for disadvantaged youth and their insertion into the world of work: towards a framework for analysis and evaluation

    Leonardos, Ana Cristina
  8. People on the move and the use of EMIS in the planning and management of inclusive education policies: lessons learned and recommendations

    Klenner Forttes, Paula; Lobos, Jessica; Pinna, Francesca; Yáñez, Ernesto
  9. Políticas de igualdad de género en la Educación y Formación Técnica y Profesional (EFTP) en América Latina

    Muñoz Rojas, Carolina
  10. La Integración de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación en los sistemas educativos

    Aguerrondo, Inés
  11. Designing policies for flexible learning pathways in higher education: self-assessment guidelines for policy makers and planners

    Furiv, Uliana; Martin, Michaela
  12. The role of women school principals in improving learning in French-speaking Africa

    Alban Conto, Carolina; Devignes, Fabricia; Guilbert, Nathalie