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  1. Overcoming the obstacles to EFA

    Caillods, Françoise; Poisson, Muriel; Talbot, Christopher
  2. The Role and impact of NGOs in capacity development: from replacing the state to reinvigorating education

    Ulleberg, Inger
  3. Opportunities for change: education innovation and reform during and after conflict

    Nicolai, Susan
  4. Transparency in education in Eastern Europe

    Hrynevych, Liliya; Kopnicka, Sylvia; Palicarsky, Constantine; Pliksnys, Arunas
  5. Fundamentals of education policy: What is educational planning? (No 1). Planning human resources: methods, experiences and practices (No 75). Cost-benefit analysis in educational planning (No 80)

    Bertrand, Olivier; Coombs, Philip H.; Woodhall, Maureen
  6. Ecole et décentralisation: le cas de la Guinée

    Baldé, Djénabou
  7. Ecole et décentralisation: le cas du Bénin

  8. Ecole et décentralisation: le cas du Mali

  9. Ecole et décentralisation: le cas du Sénégal

  10. The Impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda

    Katahoire, Anne R.; Kirumira, Edward K.
  11. Staying power: struggling to reconstruct education in Burundi since 1993

    Obura, Anna
  12. Accreditation and the global higher education market

    Hernes, Gudmund; Martin, Michaela; El-Khawas, Elaine; Hallak, Jacques; Hendriks, Birger; Hugonnier, Bernard; Lemaître, Maria José; Levasseur, Michel; Levy, Jan S.; Poisson, Muriel; Prakash, Ved; Stella, Antony; Tayag, Jean; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka; Vincent-Lancrin, Stéphan