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  1. Private higher education

    Varghese, N.V.; Alam, Mahmudul; Haque, Shamsul; Ovodenko, Anatoli A.; Abagi, Okwach; Nzomo, Juliana; Otieno, Wycliffe; Sharvashidze, George; Tasbulatova, Shaizada; Belosludsteva, Valentina; Tasbulatov, Temirkhan
  2. Orçamentos e despesas de educação: perspectivas em Cabo Verde, Angola, Moçambique

    Costa, Isabel da; Delgado, José Pedro; Kavungu, João Baptista; Mazembe, Zacarias
  3. Student loans in Thailand: are they effective, equitable, sustainable?

  4. The Student loans scheme in Hong Kong

  5. A Review of the student loans scheme in China

  6. Student loans schemes in the Republic of Korea: review and recommendations

  7. Student loans in the Philippines: lessons from the past

    Kitaev, Igor
  8. Adverse effects of private supplementary tutoring: dimensions, implications and government responses

    Bray, Mark
  9. Student finance schemes in Norway: a case study

    Levy, Jan S.
  10. Sector-wide approaches in education: issues for donor agencies arising from case studies of Zambia and Mozambique

  11. 'Including the excluded' and international development co-operation

  12. Educational financing and budgeting in Kazakhstan

    Kusherbaev, Krymbek; Aryn, Erlan; Bauyirjan, Ereshaev; Kuchukowa, Nurilya; Satova, Raushan; Usenova, Gauhar; Magenova, Kulyanda; Sultanova, Rahinjanova; Sultanova, Bahyita