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  1. Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

    Scasso, Martin; Tham, Maximiliano; Vera, Alejandro
  2. Management of trainers and supervisory staff in TVET: case study of four African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Senegal

  3. Characterisation of education information systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Montes, Nancy
  4. Digital transformation of TVET and skills development systems in Africa: state of play and prospects

  5. School leadership for resilient education systems: what is the role of professional networks in effective response to crisis? Think piece

    Hancell, Rosalind; Jones, Charlotte; Miller, Olivia
  6. Education sector analysis: Republic of Liberia

  7. La Formación inicial de docentes de primera infancia: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay y Uruguay desde una mirada regional

    Batiuk, Verona
  8. The Kenya Ministry of Education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: case study

    Gichuhi, Loise; Kalista, Jane
  9. Ministry of Education engagement and leadership in early stages of humanitarian interventions: South Sudan case study

    Kalista, Jane
  10. It’s not me, it’s the system: a framework for analysing planning and management capacities

    De Grauwe, Anton; Haas, Anna
  11. Education and youth labour market outcomes: evidence from eight sub-Saharan African countries

    Rouane, Fata; Suárez Robles, Pablo
  12. Assessing qualification mismatch in sub-Saharan Africa: concepts, indicators, and data sources

    Suárez Robles, Pablo