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  1. EDUCAIDS: The Global Initiative on Education and HIV/AIDS

  2. Social inequality at school and educational policies

    Duru-Bellat, Marie
  3. The HIV challenge to education: a collection of essays

    Coombe, Carol; Cohen, Desmond; Ebersöhn, Liesel; Eloff, Irma; Epstein, Debbie; Hepburn, Amy; Hernes, Gudmund; Kelly, Michael J.; Khanye, Vivian; Lawrence, John E.S.; Morrel, Robert; Moletsane, Relebohile; Rugalema, Gabriel; Unterhalter, Elaine
  4. Trends in secondary education in industrialized countries: are they relevant for African countries?

    Briseid, Ole; Caillods, Françoise; Lugaz, Candy; Murtin, Barbara
  5. Planning for diversity: education in multi-ethnic and multicultural societies

    Hernes, Gudmund; Martin, Michaela; Zadra, Estelle
  6. Community schools in Kenya: Case study on community participation in funding and managing schools

    Mujidi, Jeddidah; Njoroge Mungai, John; Nyamoita Onsomu, Eldah; Oulai, Dramane; Sankale, James
  7. The out-of-school children's programme in Nepal: an analysis

    Tuladhar, Sumon Kamal
  8. Training for rural development in Brazil: SENAR

  9. Education for rural development: towards new policy responses

    Atchoarena, David; Gasperini, Lavinia; Maguire, Charles
  10. Education and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean

    Kelly, Michael J.
  11. Education for rural people: aid agencies workshop

  12. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on education and institutionalizing preventive education

    Carr-Hill, Roy A.; Katabaro, Kamugisha Joviter; Oulai, Dramane