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  1. School leadership for resilient education systems: what is the role of professional networks in effective response to crisis? Think piece

    Hancell, Rosalind; Jones, Charlotte; Miller, Olivia
  2. Education en situation d’urgence: engagement et leadership du MENAPLN au Burkina Faso: étude de cas

    Ndabananiye, Jean Claude; Ndiaye, Alioune Badara; Tran Thanh, Julia; Tréguier, Mathilde
  3. Guidelines and toolkit for a diagnosis of the education in emergencies data ecosystem

  4. Conceptual framework for education in emergencies data

  5. Institutionalizing education in emergencies data production and use for crisis-sensitive educational planning

  6. Integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction into education sector planning: guidance notes for educational planners

  7. Burkina Faso: integrating conflict and disaster risk reduction into an education sector plan

    MacEwen, Leonora
  8. Uganda: strengthening education sector planning capacities for conflict and disaster risk management

  9. Ensuring effective teacher management in refugee settings: UNRWA schools in Jordan: policy brief

  10. Monitoring and evaluation: how will we know what we have done?

    Bethke, Lynne; Bird, Lyndsay; MacEwen, Leonora; Sigsgaard, Morten
  11. Assessment, and monitoring and evaluation: how will we know what students have learned?

    Bethke, Lynne; Sinclair, Margaret
  12. Multi-criteria decision analysis for site classification: assessing natural hazard risks for planning the location of educational facilities

    Gagnon, Amélie; Sheldon, Ayeisha; Vargas Mesa, Germán