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  1. Leading teaching and learning together: the role of the middle tier

    Chimier, Chloé; Jones, Charlotte; Tournier, Barbara
  2. SDG-4: Flexible learning pathways in higher education – from policy to practice: an international comparative analysis

    Furiv, Uliana; Martin, Michaela
  3. Flexible learning pathways in Indian higher education

  4. Massive Open Online Courses: the emerging landscape of digital learning in India

    Pushpanadham, Karanam
  5. Demographic change and implications for education policy: three country case studies from Asia

  6. India: using open school data to improve transparency and accountability

    Bordoloi, Mridusmita; Kapoor, Varun
  7. Promoting transparency through information: a global review of school report cards

    Cheng, Xuejiao Joy; Moses, Kurt
  8. Achieving transparency in pro-poor education incentives

    Poisson, Muriel
  9. Texte des contributions au Forum des politiques éducatives de l'IIPE sur: Les défis du financement de l'enseignement de base: réexaminer les solutions impliquant le secteur privé; Partie 4: Les partenariats public-privé (PPP) dans l'enseignement de b

  10. Patterns of development and use of codes of conduct for teachers in 24 countries

    Poisson, Muriel
  11. Equity and quality assurance: a marriage of two minds

    Martin, Michaela
  12. Accreditation and the global higher education market

    Hernes, Gudmund; Martin, Michaela; El-Khawas, Elaine; Hallak, Jacques; Hendriks, Birger; Hugonnier, Bernard; Lemaître, Maria José; Levasseur, Michel; Levy, Jan S.; Poisson, Muriel; Prakash, Ved; Stella, Antony; Tayag, Jean; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka; Vincent-Lancrin, Stéphan