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  1. Prácticas y voces en América Latina: Costa Rica

  2. Análisis y sistematización del programa educativo Una Computadora por Niño

    Ardouin, Javier; Borzese, Dana
  3. Políticas digitales en América Latina

    Kelly, Valeria; Soletic, Ángeles
  4. Reconstruir la educación, no las barreras

    Brizuela, Cynthia; Meresman, Sergio
  5. Políticas digitales en educación en Argentina: tendencias emergentes y perspectivas de futuro

    Kelly, Valeria; Lopresti, Mariana
  6. Políticas digitales en educación en Chile: tendencias emergentes y perspectivas de futuro

    Claro, Magdalena; Figueroa, Catalina; Pereira, Sebastián; Velásquez, Leonardo
  7. People on the move and the use of EMIS in the planning and management of inclusive education policies: lessons learned and recommendations

    Klenner Forttes, Paula; Lobos, Jessica; Pinna, Francesca; Yáñez, Ernesto
  8. The use of learning assessment test results in education policy planning: the case of six countries in the region

    Pinkasz, Daniel
  9. Use of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) for effective monitoring SDG4 at national, regional, and global level

    Sigdel, Shailendra
  10. Modernizing education management with EMIS: building back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic

    Bin Mahfooz, Sara; Chang, Gwang-Chol; Chapelet, Pierre; Horn, Mauricio; Nippes, Stefan; Norrmén-Smith, Juliette; Yano, Satoko
  11. Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

    Scasso, Martin; Tham, Maximiliano; Vera, Alejandro
  12. Characterisation of education information systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Montes, Nancy