A common vision and prospects for Asia-Pacific

A 2024 Regional Conference, organized by IIEP-UNESCO in collaboration with the Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP) and hosted by the SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (INNOTECH), aims to establish a new collaborative agenda for educational planning and management in the Asia-Pacific region. It will bring together heads of educational planning from across the region.


The aftermath of COVID-19 has underscored the urgency of planning for strong and well-managed education systems in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to existing challenges, new priority issues have emerged, including the need for better crisis preparedness, health and well-being of teachers and pupils in a post-COVID world, the development of digital education ecosystems, the establishment of flexible learning and skilling pathways, and strong leadership at all education levels.

In this context, Ministers of Education called for "stronger collaboration and mutual exchange to pursue these priority areas with determined collective commitment," as highlighted in the Bangkok Statement of 2022.

A Regional Conference takes shape

IIEP will convene a Regional Conference on Educational Planning in Asia and the Pacific: Common vision and future prospects, from 5 to 7 November 2024 in Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

The objective is to set a new collaborative agenda for strengthening capacities in educational planning in the region, with a strong focus on research, training, and technical assistance work. The institute will work closely with UNESCO Field Offices from Asia-Pacific in its preparation and organization.

Building on ANTRIEP

This Conference will draw on the Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP).

Established in 1995 with support from IIEP, ANTRIEP comprises 21 national research and training institutions from 13 Asian-Pacific countries. It serves as a platform for exchange, collaboration, and peer learning, to promote evidence-based policies and foster research collaboration.

The event will be an opportunity to foster new synergies and partnerships by increasing the engagement of ANTRIEP network members with a broader circle of countries and regional actors.


 The Conference at a glance


Challenges, current evolutions and capacity development gaps in educational planning

Thematic focus on: 

  • Learning, equity, and well-being: challenges for planning
  • Improving planning and management through better governance and digitalization
  • Crisis-sensitive educational planning and climate change



  1.  Provide an overview of current challenges and promising approaches in the area of educational planning and management in the region.
  2. Discuss short position papers on the three key topics, i.e.: Learning, equity, and well-being; Governance and digitalization; and Crisis and climate change.
  3. Formulate the modalities of an enlarged and renewed network on educational planning for the Asia-Pacific region, exploring new modalities of collaboration and opportunities for exchange with other regions.


The Conference will bring together:

  • Representatives from all ANTRIEP member institutions and similar organizations from the region.
  • Heads of educational planning or other relevant country representatives from ministries of education from the same countries.
  • Selected development partners as well as members of UNESCO Field Offices from Asia-Pacific.


The event will be residential, with one of the main objectives being to bring together key players from the region. Online preparatory meetings will be held with ANTRIEP member institutions to agree on a common agenda of interest for all. In addition, an online survey will be circulated ahead of the meeting to all representatives from ministries of education to assess existing challenges and needs related to planning.

Expected outcomes


  • Production of position papers on selected topics of common interest, as well as country papers on innovations in planning to address on-going challenges and related capacity development needs.
  • Definition of a common roadmap for joint collaboration in educational planning and management for the coming years, including research, training, and communities of practice components.


The Regional Conference will take place in Manila, Republic of the Philippines from 5 to 7 November 2024. It will be hosted by the SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (INNOTECH).





Event agenda




Taking stock of the current situation related to educational planning

  • Show and tell from Heads of planning/Ministries of education
  • Show and tell from ANTRIEP member institutions
 Looking ahead
  • Presentation and discussion of short position papers prepared by ANTRIEP member institutions





Looking ahead (ctd.)

  • Presentation and discussion of short position papers prepared by ANTRIEP member institutions (ctd.)
  • Presentation of short papers prepared by representatives from the Africa and Latin America regions on the same topics
 What new modes of collaboration in the region?
  • Towards a common research agenda
  • Towards a common training agenda
  • Towards an Asian community of practice on educational planning



  • Setting a road map for the future
  • School visits



Martín Benavides

is the Director of IIEP-UNESCO. In this role, he provides strategic leadership for the Institute.

Muriel Poisson

is the acting Team Leader for IIEP’s team on Knowledge Management and Mobilization.