School grants and the right to education: the case of the Honduran Community-Based Education

Sourrouille, Florencia; Souto Simao, Marcelo
English, Spanish
Global Partnership for Education
140 p.

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About the publication

This publication gathers the findings of the study carried out by IIPE/UNESCO Buenos Aires on the Honduran Programme for Community-Based Education (PROHECO), within the framework of the research programme Financing for equity: developing an integral approach to finance educational equity. The research carried out in 2014 highlights the degree of integration of the Programme with the national agenda on education policy and in the government and management structure of the Honduran education system. A mechanism is described by means of which the central government transfers the resources to the communities for supply funding purposes and proposes an approach to the analysis of the sufficiency and equity of these grants. By analysing the way in which this policy was conceived, interpreted and implemented at schools by the different actors involved and in different contexts, the study seeks to demonstrate the results and limitations of this policy in the challenge to reliably ensure the universal right to a quality education for all.