Head of IIEP Dakar, Education sector analysis, Teacher management, Capacity development

Mr Koffi SEGNIAGBETO is the head of IIEP Dakar office, where he coordinates the different teams and activities since September 2020. 

In cooperation with IIEP's decision-making bodies, he is also responsible for technical partnerships, seeking additional funding and facilitating a high-level dialogue on the orientations of education and training policies.

Previously, he was Senior Education Policy Analyst at IIEP Dakar. As such, he provided technical support to countries on various aspects of education sector analysis and planning. In recent years, he has led a team that supports several African countries in the analysis and planning of their education systems (Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Namibia, etc.). In addition to supporting the sector planning process in general, Mr. Segniagbeto provides expertise in specific areas such as teacher management, vulnerability analysis, capacity development, etc.