Some problems in planning adult education

Furter, Pierre
English, French
Lecture - Discussion Series, 59
37 p.
Adult and lifelong learning

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The three papers presented relate to the problems of planning adult education. The first paper trys to show that any discussion of adult education must start from reflection on the customers who will be served by out-of-school education programs. (The distinction made between the school sysem and the out-of-school system is that in the regular school system--such institutionalized forms of education as primary or secondary schools--pupils are not regarded as customers, since in most countries, they no longer have a free choice. Whereas in out-of-school forms of education, the audience is not only not a captive one, but a conglomeration of sometimes very heterogeneous customers.) The second paper discusses the difficult problems raised by the definition of the aims and content of training. Finally, in the third paper, attention is given to a particularly important problem, namely the institutional problem of the relations between the parallel out-of-school systems and the school system (from ERIC database).