Teachers: our shared future

21 December 2018

By 2030, the world will need to recruit and train 68.8 million teachers to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of quality universal education at the primary and secondary level (SDG 4). In some countries, this will mean that more than half of all university graduates will have to choose teaching as a career. However, many young people today are shunning the profession amid growing headlines in all regions of the world reporting poor conditions, low pay, and few prospects for career advancement. Read the latest issue of the IIEP Letter for new ideas from around the world on how to reinvigorate this vital profession.

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In this issue:

The global status of teachers in the era of SDGs
By David Edwards, Education International

Supporting teachers so they can teach
By Freda Wolfenden, the Open University

Reimagining teacher careers for the 21st century
By Barbara Tournier, IIEP-UNESCO

How change agents are driving school improvement at scale
By Charlotte Jones and Matt Davis, Education Development Trust

How to allocate teachers equitably?
By Patrick Nkengne and Léonie Marin, IIEP Pôle de Dakar

Who teaches refugees?
By Stephanie Bengtsson, IIEP-UNESCO

Strengthening human resources management in Burkina Faso
By Diane Coury and Barbara Tournier, IIEP-UNESCO

Teacher education and inclusive education
By Jim Ackers, IIEP-UNESCO

Training in teacher policies in Latin America
By Laura Fumagalli, IIEP Buenos Aires