Three offices, one mission: Discover the new Global Campus

30 March 2022


IIEP training attracts ministry of education officials and partners from across the globe.

IIEP-UNESCO is entering a new era of training and professional development in educational planning and management. The Global Campus unites its three offices – in Buenos Aires, Dakar, and Paris – to deliver quality, multilingual online training.  

A strong track record

IIEP is a global leader in training on educational planning and management. The Global Campus builds on a 60-year history in which more than 11,000 professionals from 198 countries have been trained to help improve their education systems.

Now, the Global Campus brings all IIEP courses and programmes together, allowing participants to access training organized by the three IIEP offices in one single space. 

The user-friendly platform – coupled with IIEP’s practice-oriented approach to training – is designed to maximize the transfer and application of knowledge and skills to the workplace – whether it be a ministry of education, a development organization, or a national education organization.

Local relevance with global impact

The Global Campus is home to a range of online courses and programmes to address diverse training needs in educational planning and management. This includes country-specific, regional courses, as well as training organized for an international audience. 

Led by IIEP specialists in the field, all courses are designed to help education professionals advance both national and international education goals. Courses are delivered in a variety of languages, including English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Accessible to all

IIEP is committed to making its training offer fully accessible. Learning materials and resources are offered in different formats – such as videos, individual work, and group sessions – and the Global Campus is compatible with all internet browsers. Users can easily follow courses and modules and access a variety of resources from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Participants also benefit from a common system of secured digital certificates and badges. They can share these credentials on social media, easily print and retrieve them after course completion.

Starting in April 2022, all IIEP training programmes and courses will be available on the Global Campus, where education planners from around the world can come together to build a better future.

The future of education cannot wait. Join IIEP training today.