Towards community-centered education for national harmony and development in Thailand: a contribution to an IIEP seminar

Bennett, Nicholas L.; Vorapipatana, Kowit
English, French
IIEP Seminar Paper, 13
27 p.
Adult and lifelong learning

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About the publication

Though various adult and nonformal education programs have existed in Thailand over the last half-century, up to quite recently most of these remained second-class copies of the full-time formal school system. The new adult education programs concentrate on creating situations and raising issues relevant to the villagers' environment. The programs encourage villagers to discuss their problems among themselves and to examine various possible alternative solutions. Through sharing their own experience in class and in other semiformal activities, the villagers find solutions to their problems and gradually master the process of "Khit Phen." Descriptions are given of three programs that are currently in operation--the functional literacy program, newspaper reading centers, and the school equivalency adult education curricula--and of three programs in the planning stage--a skill training system to meet the needs of the villagers, lifelong education centers, and regional adult education centers (from ERIC database).