Train with IIEP and shape the future of your education system

13 April 2023


A group of IIEP trainees.

Are you interested in learning more about educational planning – from the basic features of an education sector plan to policy strategy, and how to calculate and interpret key education indicators?

Applications are now open for our five-month online training programme, Foundations of Education Sector Planning.

Apply today!

About this programme

Dates: 6 September 2023 – 27 February 2024

Learning mode: Online

Languages: English and French

Workload: 8 hours per week

Fees: USD 4,000

Registration deadline: 5 September 2023

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for educational planners and managers from across the world, as well as other profiles from education ministries and professionals from other governmental bodies. Professionals working for NGOs and national and international agencies that contribute to educational planning are also welcomed to apply.

What will you learn?

During the five months, the participants will follow four main courses, including:

  • A preparatory self-paced course that covers fundamental statistical concepts,
  • An overview of educational planning today, including what does it aim to accomplish and how are international commitments interpreted in different countries worldwide.
  • A course on educational sector policies to address questions such as what the underlying concepts regarding equity in education are, what drives disparities in education, and what are the key policies – and their limitations – to promote quality.
  • A final course on educational data and indicators, including how to identify the data needed to measure access to education, participation and completion, equity, internal efficiency, teaching and learning conditions, plus more.

The training will combine individual study, weekly online, “live” sessions, and interaction with international experts and participants to encourage collaboration and experience sharing.

Behind every great education system is a planner

Over 60 years, more than 11,000 planners from 198 countries have trained with IIEP. Meet some of them and hear how IIEP training has helped them make a difference in their education system.

“I’m using the skills in my current work. And, whenever there is a chance, I apply it and pass the knowledge to my peers and subordinates. In that sense, I can share what I have gained from this valuable, global training.”

-Priyanthie Kodithuwakku, Sri Lanka, IIEP trainee in 2022

"I am confident that the IIEP's Education Sector Planning course will enable me to actively participate in the development of Madagascar's next Education Sector Plan."

-Solo Rakotosoa, Madagascar, IIEP trainee in 2022

“The advantage of IIEP is that I have not just been equipped in terms of the technical skills. I have also been given a new lens. I have realized that in order for us to plan, you really need the participation of all the relevant stakeholders.”

-Rabson Madi, Malawi, IIEP trainee in 2020