Training at IIEP: Specialized Courses on educational planning and management

24 November 2016

IIEP is proud to announce the launch of our Specialized Courses for 2017

Participants in the Specialized Courses will have the opportunity to take part in intensive, short-term training focused on specific areas of educational planning and management. Our team of presenters are leaders in their fields, and will expand on the training topics based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

These courses will take place between the 10 April and 19 May 2017. They are divided into two streams:

Educational Planning and Analysis (EPA)
Educational Planning and Management (EPM)


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Submission deadline: 17 February 2017.


Teacher Management is one of six Specialized Courses that IIEP offers. For more information on the topics covered by the other courses, please click here.

For more information on other IIEP training offers, please click here.

One of the six Specialized Courses is called Teacher Management (EPM312) and it will be presented by Barbara Tournier, IIEP’s research leader on the subject.

This topic is of timely importance: Only a qualified and motivated teaching force can achieve the Education 2030 goals.

IIEP places great importance on applying theoretical knowledge to practical implementation. The Teacher Management course aims to equip participants with tools and techniques for effective planning, monitoring and management of teaching staff.

Using a hands-on approach, participants will apply techniques for teacher projections and diagnosis of teacher allocation and utilisation, thereby becoming proficient in the use of various indicators for teacher management at both primary and secondary level.

During the two-week course participants will also be exposed to different policy options related to teacher recruitment, training and career, and their respective implications in terms of education quality and cost.