Transparency and integrity planning

01 January 2012


Newsletter 2012-02
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Newsletter 2012-02
Addressing transparency and accountability can help reshape the educational planning agenda (IIEP Newsletter, Vol. XXX, N°2, July-December 2012)



Ethics and trust: a key concern for IIEP’s future strategy
by K. Mahshi, Director of IIEP


Transparency and integrity planning
Addressing transparency and accountability can help reshape the educational planning agenda
by Muriel Poisson, IIEP

Analysing pro-poor incentive policies in education
IIEP examined seven country case studies on pro-poor incentives through the lens of transparency and accountability in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America
by Michelle Morais de Sá e Silva, Coordinator-General of International Cooperation, Brazil’s Secretariat of Human Rights Institute

Implementing a teacher code of conduct
The Lao People’s Democratic Republic takes an initial step on the path to enhancing the ethical practice of its teachers
by Nantawan Hinds, Programme Officer in the Asia and Pacific Programme of Education for All Unit, UNESCO Bangkok

Public expenditure tracking surveys
How Burkina Faso reduces leakages and improves its information systems in the education sector
by Francis N. Oubda, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF - Burkina Faso

Advancing the cause for transparency
An overview of the forthcoming Global Corruption Report on Education
by Gareth Sweeney, Chief Editor of the Global Corruption Report, Transparency International

Why work in sectors matter
Sharing experience from the UNDP Global Thematic Programme on Anti-Corruption for Development Effectiveness
by UNDP PACDE team led by Mr. Phil Matsheza, UNDP Global Anti-Corruption Advisor

Widening the spectrum in anti-corruption activities
Targeting the education sector alone is not enough. Fighting corruption calls for links with a larger governance arena at political, economic, and social levels
by Liz Hart, Director and Karen Hussmann, Senior resource person, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

Training programmes

Learned at IIEP and applied at work
A recent trainee speaks about how she uses ATP modules in her daily work
by Melissa Lunan, Education Officer in the Educational Planning Unit of the Jamaican Ministry of Education