UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development

01 September 2017

The UKFIET 2017 International Conference on Education and Development, “Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Development: Curriculum, Cognition and Context”, will be held 5–7 September, at the University of Oxford (UK).

“This year’s UKFIET Conference takes place two years after the agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals. We are now at a moment where there is a push both to raise the levels of international funding for education that are necessary to support the achievement of SDG4 and to finalise the indicators that will be used to focus efforts around the SDG. The UKFIET Conference offers an important opportunity for the staff of international development agencies, NGOs and consultancies to meet with academics to consider whether we have been heading in the right direction over the past two years or whether there is need for a course correction.”
(Source: UKfiet’s blog)



UNESCO’s IIEP will be sending a delegation of seven experts to contribute to a variety of sessions and events throughout the three-day conference, including:

Tuesday, 5 September at 14:00 – Room 15: 
Barbara Tournier will participate in the session on “Widening Career Opportunities Available to Teachers: A road to enhanced motivation?”

Tuesday, 5 September at 11:00 - Room 15:
Barbara Tournier will be discussant at session "Rethinking the future role and motivation of the education workforce".

Wednesday, 6 September at 11:00 - Room 1:
Jim Ackers will be discussant at session "Providing alternative education opportunities in crisis-affected countries".

Thursday, 7 September at 11:00 – Room 1:
Leonora MacEwen will participate in the session on “Including Refugees and IDPs: Searching for sustainable education solutions in contexts of protracted displacement".

Thursday, 7 September at 13:30 - Room 14:
Leonora MacEwen will chair the panel “Education for refugees and displaced populations.

Come by to meet us at Stand 13! The IIEP team looks forward to telling you about IIEP and sharing information about our work and publications.

Make sure to follow @IIEP_UNESCO and the #UKFIETConf hashtag on Twitter throughout the conference for updates and key moments. We will also post updates and blogposts on our website, on LinkedIn and Facebook


For more information, visit the official UKFIET website.