(UNDER REVISION) GPE/IIEP Training on the Fundamentals of Independent Appraisal of Education Sector Plans

12 December 2020 to 30 June 2022
French, English
Free of charge


The primary purpose of the training is to allow interested individuals to gain fundamental knowledge of the various issues to be considered when undertaking the appraisal of an education plan. The training is expected to lead to greater consistency and quality in the appraisals of education plans, both ESPs and TEPs.

The training provides an overview of plan preparation and will introduce the major steps in an appraisal process and to the appraisal guidelines, but it will not address the advanced competencies needed to appraise plans in depth, nor cover in detail the skills required to manage the complex relationships present in appraisal contexts. 

The training is also meant to be a  “global good” that will help to deepen understanding about education plans and their independent appraisal, among  other  stakeholders involved.



You will receive a certificate of successful course completion, jointly awarded by GPE and IIEP, if you make a good attempt at all of the self-assessment exercises, and if you complete and obtain a minimum average grade of 14/20 (70%) on three course quizzes.


Successful completion of the course does not mean that one is immediately qualified to conduct education plan appraisals. The decision to choose an independent appraiser will depend on a person’s background, years of experience and a selection process by development partners at country level.  For independent experts selected to conduct an appraisal, the successful completion of the training is required prior to undertaking the independent appraisal. This does not apply for independent experts who have already participated in a past GPE-IIEP independent appraisal training.

Participants' profile

The audience for this training consists of:

  • National or international experts who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the independent appraisal process.
  • GPE and partner staff (donor and country level partners) who would like an enhanced understanding of the ESP/TEP appraisal processes.
  • Any other individuals in the educational planning community, including members of Local Education Groups, who would like an enhanced understanding of ESP/TEP appraisal.

Participation in the course is open to all and free of charge.



While participation is open, we still need to gather basic information on participants.

Please submit your online application on the IIEP-Aurion system.

Within 48 hours of submission of your complete online application, you will receive login instructions to the course on IIEP’s Virtual Campus

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Wednesday 26 April 2023