UNESCO’s International Centre for Higher Education Innovation visits IIEP

25 September 2017


IIEP Director Suzanne Grant Lewis signs an agreement with LI Ming, the Director of ICHEI.

The use of ICT for enhancing research, teaching and administration offers tremendous opportunities for the development of higher education institutions. In this context, the UNESCO General Conference decided in 2015 to create the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation as a Category 2 Institute. Its mission is to conduct capacity development for the use of ICT in higher education institutions in developing countries. The Centre is located in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, and has strong ties to the Chinese high tech industry.

As a new UNESCO entity, ICHEI reached out to other UNESCO partner institutions, including IIEP. And the Institute has responded positively. IIEP’s Michaela Martin, a programme specialist in higher education governance, is currently a member of the ICHEI’s advisory board.

On 7 September, LI Ming, the Director of ICHEI and MA Jinyuan, head of the research department, visited IIEP, and had discussions with IIEP Director Suzanne Grant Lewis, and Michaela Martin, to explore collaboration between both Institutes.

The discussions concluded with the signature of a letter of agreement between IIEP and ICHEI for the support of the forthcoming IIEP Distance Education course on “Designing Effective Internal Quality Assurance System for higher education”.

It will run from 9 October to 15 December 2017. The course is organized jointly with UNESCO Bangkok and the Asia-Pacific Quality Network.