The uselessness and usefulness of plans

01 May 2010


Newsletter 2010-07
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Newsletter 2010-07
IIEP Newsletter, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, May-August 2010


Capacity development through the plan formulation process
by Khalil Mahshi, IIEP Director


The uselessness and usefulness of plans
Even when plans do not achieve all their objectives, their preparation has many virtues

Ethiopia: Turning challenges into opportunities
Tensions in Ethiopia’s strategic plan preparation were sources of inspiration

Angola: planning at the provincial level
Eight provinces take part in the development of a strategic education plan

A paradigm shift
Egyptian education reform: National Strategic Plan takes a collective approach

Iraq’s Joint Sector Plan
Capacity development for completion of a national education strategy

Simulation models: a powerful tool for education
A quantitative scenario and cost estimates are a must for today’s educational development plans

Educational planning on a fast track
FTI strategies to achieve Education for All

Training programmes

A new, flexible training offer
IIEP’s integrated distance and residential programmes