Watch the debate: the impact of private school growth in Nepal

05 October 2017

Our fifth Strategic Debate of the year on equity dimensions in education featured Priya Joshi from the Global Monitoring Report.

She presented findings from her research on the growth of private schooling and its impact on the public system in Nepal.

Watch the debate here:


Joshi's research analyzed the consequences of private sector growth for the public sector, parental choice, and system wide equity in Nepal.

The analysis included extensive quantitative and qualitative data collection in the country, the development of new frameworks and measures of competition, and in-depth exploration of education officials’ experiences in a politically charged environment.

During the debate, Joshi discussed key findings from the work and provided global lessons that can be drawn from the case study, especially for equity implications and policy recommendations.

Claire Galante, Project Manager at Agence Française de Développement, was also present as discussant, and IIEP’s Michaela Martin acted as the moderator.

View Joshi’s presentation slides here and follow #StrategicDebate on Twitter for highlights.