When a former trainee becomes a trainer

08 December 2016


Title Text: 
Enid Hanze working with colleagues during the ATP training

After Namibian Senior Education Manager, Enid Christophine Hanze, finished her Advanced Training Programme (ATP) course at IIEP last year she said she was ready to take on new tasks and challenges to help improve education in her country.

“I can take on anything now when it comes to planning,” Hanze said. “With the wealth of knowledge I’ve received I can go back to my job and put my hands on any task. It’s like I officially got my driver’s license and can start to drive the car.”

Today Hanze is in the midst of carrying out what she refers to as an “in-depth learner growth analysis”, which looks at a range of indicators at the regional level for the past five years. As a result of her training, she has been able to seek out statistical data and calculate the vast majority of indicators needed to embrace evidence-based planning. This included analyzing growth coefficients, annual growth rates, and indicators on access, which include gross in-take rate, age-specific in-take rate and more.

“If you want to unlock and optimize the potential within you when it comes to evidence-based plaining for education delivery, then IIEP is the institute that will not only furnish you with theory and practice, but also establish working and networking opportunities coupled with professional and career growth prospects.”

Hanze said that her goal is to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the education landscape in Namibia – from pre-school to higher education, including both formal and non-formal adult education – to allow for a sound analysis on current trends and the identification of challenges facing the sector.

The ATP programme prepares its trainees for careers in the highest ranks of educational administration. With three-months online in the beginning, followed by a six-month residential phase in Paris and a capstone project upon return to the home country, the ATP programme leads to a professional Master’s level certificate.

Hanze’s final project involved an impact assessment of the attraction and retention of quality teachers in rural Namibia.

Hanze also became a Trainer of Trainers (ToT), along with other colleagues who have received training at IIEP, to develop the capacities of planners and other interested officials from the Namibian Institute of Publication Administration and Management (NIPAM).

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