Through the creation, curation, and sharing of knowledge, we promote the use of evidence on all issues related to educational planning and management for stronger plan implementation. Our goal is to put research into practice to transform education and promote the right to equitable and quality education for all. 



How do we do it? 


 We conduct

 We curate

We create

research and act as an observatory of new educational trends.knowledge and monitor key issues through our library and thematic public goods including research syntheses, methodologies, and briefs.

We facilitate

We disseminate

We support

dialogue and foster communities of practice within and across sectors.and translate knowledge to inform public educational policies.governments in tapping into our collective knowledge base to improve planning and management.

Knowledge Management and Mobilization is about moving beyond simple knowledge production to facilitating knowledge access, sharing, and use in impactful ways. It involves transforming research and curation into actionable practices while strengthening the link between evidence and planning processes and implementation for education system strengthening. 



Accessible, actionable knowledge


IIEP generates new knowledge, gathers evidence and best practices, and puts it at the disposal of its community of planners, decision-makers, and other educationalists through various formats and channels.


Ethics, learning, and a global repository of plans:
IIEP’s online thematic portals

 IIEP hosts thematic online portals, bringing educational planners the latest information and evidence on ethics and corruption in education, health and well-being in education, how to improve learning outcomes, and resilience and crisis planning. Additional portals focus on plan and policy documents from across the globe while regional portals focus on educational policies from Latin America and the Caribbean and technical and vocational training in Africa. 

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Muriel Poisson

is the acting Team Leader for IIEP’s new team on Knowledge Management and Mobilization (KMM). She is also the task manager of the Institute’s programme on Ethics and Corruption in Education.