Communities of practice, South-South Cooperation, Triangular Technical Cooperation, ICT policies in education, Specialist in educational technology and e-learning

Natalia Fernández Laya is Communities of Practice Programme Specialist at the IIEP-UNESCO Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Her main responsibilities include coordinating the strategic development of the Network of Educational Policy Specialists in Latin America.

She holds a degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; a Master's degree in Educational Technology and Digital Competencies from the National University of La Rioja, Spain; a specialization in Education and New Technologies; and a diploma in Constructivism and Education from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Argentina. She is a teacher specializing in Early Childhood Education and and she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Technology at the University of Buenos Aires. She has participated in research on digital policies in Latin American education systems and has given lectures on online teacher training, educational innovation with technology, and technopedagogical design of online training devices, among other topics.

Between 2011 and 2018 she was Pedagogical Coordinator of the virtual campus of the Latin American Office of IIEP-UNESCO and of the Seminar on Early Childhood and Technology of FLACSO in Argentina. She has taught at FLACSO Argentina and at the National University of Costa Rica. She has been a technopedagogical advisor for national and international educational programmes.