La Politique du personnel et la formation des administrateurs et des planificateurs de l'éducation dans les pays en voie de développement

Lyons, Raymond F.
Anglais, Français
Document de séminaire de l'IIPE, 37
12 p.

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The object of this paper is to raise some questions about the relationship between personnel policies and policies for training administrative personnel in the educational part of the public service in developing nations. The paper first examines personnel policies in order to indicate some of the issues that are relevant to training policy. Three elements are examined--recruitment and selection, pay and incentives, and work arrangements. The paper then considers training policies with particular reference to the organization. One technical constraint is that ministries of education and other bodies concerned with the estimation of needs for training and the organization of the supply may not be in a position to organize a comprehensive strategy for training (from ERIC database).